Paying it Forward

Annex Cat Rescue is dedicated to eliminating cat homelessness in Toronto. Until that time, we care for cats and kittens in a variety of ways including (but not limited to) daily feeding and colony management, medical/dental care, socializing, fostering, adopting or, in the case of feral cats, spaying/neutering and returning (TNR). ACR remains 100% volunteer-run and donor-supported with nearly 90% of monies raised helping cats in partnership with veterinarians who provide services at reduced rates. Our vision is a city where all cats—whether community, stray or owned—are loved and cared for.

Since 2020, I have been passionately involved with the Annex Cat Rescue, dedicating my time to support their mission of rescuing and rehabilitating stray and abandoned cats by taking care of a colony in my neighbourhood. My commitment to this cause extends beyond volunteering; I also donate 10% of all my jewelry profits to the ACR. 

To learn more about the Annex Cat Rescue and their mission visit their website.